Where would the world be without links? Even though you'll find various links scattered throughout the other pages on this site, this is the page where they're all compiled together along with other random links to places I find interesting.


Writing Links

U. S. Copyright Office - Get the facts on U. S. copyright law.
The Market List - Large listing of markets, ranging from small press to pro, for genre fiction writers.
Spicy Green Iguana - Searchable listing of magazine markets for writers of speculative fiction.
Ralan's Webstravaganza - Speculative fiction and humor markets. Usually up-to-date.
StoryPilot's Science Fiction and Fantasy Market Engine - Searchable genre market listings.
Writers Digest - This site has everything you could ever want to know about writing. Check it out.
Official Holly Lisle Website - The website for author Holly Lisle. Has lots of writing articles and resources.
RhymeZone - Lists words that rhyme with the word you type in.
WriteExpress - Writing software and products, writing tips, online rhyming dictionary.
OneLook Dictionary Search - Definitions and translations from over 900 dictionaries, plus a reverse dictionary.
The Word Detective - Humorous look at words and their origins.
The Quotations Page - Trying to find a good quote? Look no further.
The Castle Library - Many resources and articles on religion, mythology, history, and more.
Alden.nu Resources - Large and incredibly helpful list of writing links, articles, and resources.
Progress Bar - Keep track of your word count.

Web Design/Image Links

HTML Goodies - Tutorials on how to use HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, etc.
Freeservers - This page's host. Offers free and paid web hosting, great place for beginners and personal webpages.
Websoup - Resource links for site hosting, fonts, graphics, web design tutorials, stock photography, and more.
Blue Vertigo - Another listing of stock photography, fonts, and design links.
The Plugin Site - Access to several plugins for graphics programs like Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro.
PSP Tutorial Links - A bunch of links to sites offering Paint Shop Pro tutorials.
Photobucket - Free online image host and photo album.
ImageShack - Another free online image host.
JavaScript Source - Free ready-made javascripts, as well as tutorials and resources.

Fan Sites

Gateworld - Huge Stargate news site.
StargateFan - Large archive site for Stargate fanfiction.
Stargate SG-1 Solutions - Complete guide to Stargate SG-1 information and resources.
Stargate Fan Awards - A lot of good fic can be found among the nominees' list.
Television Without Pity - Recaps and discussion of many TV shows.
Outpost Gallifrey - Doctor Who news and information site.
A Teaspoon and an Open Mind - Huge Doctor Who fanfic archive.
The Leaky Cauldron - Huge Harry Potter news site.
FictionAlley - A large and well-organized Harry Potter fanfiction site.
The Gossamer Project - Large archive of X-Files fanfiction. Still updated on a regular basis.
Fringedwellers Guide - This is your brain on T.V.

LiveJournal communities:
sg1_debrief - The Stargate SG-1 fandom newsletter.
redial_the_gate - Stargate SG-1 episode rewatch and discussion community/
sga_newsletter - The Stargate Atlantis fandom newsletter.
ninth_wonders - The Heroes fandom newsletter.
xfiles - General X-Files discussion community.
trustno1_redux - X-Files episode rewatch community.
who_daily - The Doctor Who fandom newsletter.
torchwood_three - The Torchwood fandom newsletter.

Message Boards/Communities

Inspired Writers - A community for fantasy writers. Includes discussion, critique boards, and biweekly prompts.
Evolution - A general writing community. Includes resources, writing challenges, and message boards.
NaNoWriMo - The official page of National Novel Writing Month.
Xenith - E-zine and message board for young writers.

LiveJournal communities:
skylar_town - The LJ version of this site.
100originalfics - A challenge to write 100 original stories based around a theme.
creativefantasy - Looking for a beta reader for your fantasy story? Look here.
sfandf_writers - Writing discussion for science fiction and fantasy writers.
fantasy_studies - For serious discussion of various aspects of imaginary worlds.
fandom_grammar - A grammar community with fandom as a theme.
_scientists_ - For professionals and students in the sciences.
academics_anon - Rehab for (recovering) academics. Or not.
biology - For professionals and students in the life sciences.
gradstudents - Discussion about graduate students and graduate school.
lab_gripes - Had a bad day in lab? Complain here.
kay_brooke - Not a community, but my personal LJ.
ahryantah - My NaNoWriMo journal.

Miscellaneous Links/Fun Stuff

Indiana University - The university I'm attending for graduate school.
Denison University - My undergraduate school.
Kokomo High School - My high school.
The World of... - My friend Kevin's personal and professional site.
Piled Higher and Deeper - an online grad student comic strip.
Portrait Illustration Maker - Make an icon that looks like you.
Project Gutenberg - Collection of free e-books.
The Directorie of Renaissance Faires - Listing of Renaissance Faires sorted by region and date.
BugMeNot - A site you can use to bypass sites that require registration to read content.
Elfwood - Huge art archive for fantasy and science fiction artists.
Dave Barry's Blog - Does this one need more of an explanation?
Pacers - The official site of the Indiana Pacers.
The Sloganizer - Type in a word and let this come up with fun slogans for you.















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